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Interest in sports is growing every year as the multiplayer infrastructure grows and new access tools are available for sports games. In such situations, it may be difficult for beginners to understand clearly what training they need without first consulting experts.

Why do people do sports?

To choose the best workout, you need to define your sports plan. Of course, interest in certain activities also plays a huge role. The higher the combination, the more effective the training.

The main objectives of the training can be:

  • Weight loss.
  • Promote safety.
  • Increases physical endurance.
  • Strengthening and increasing muscle mass.
  • Increases body flexibility and improves joints.
  • Eliminate fatigue and improve well-being.
Why do people do sports?

Why do people do sports?

Training has little to do with gymnastic exercises that require a certain technique. Its philosophy is that everyone can participate in athletics, express themselves, invent interesting and safe workouts, and improve their health. Exercise equipment can now be found in yards, stadiums, parks and other public places.

The main advantages of street training:

  • Accessibility – anyone can do it.
  • No limits or restrictions: Using your imagination, you can create new exercises and their combinations to make training interesting and beautiful.
  • Everyone is equal at the training site. You can study on your own or ask a more experienced peer to be your coach and you certainly won’t be turned down, at least not by advice.
  • Safety and health.
  • The training does not require repetition, you do not have to limit yourself to the framework of the program.

Benefits of training

Sport is a sport accessible to all. Girls and boys, children, elderly or disabled people can do it. You don’t need to be in top physical condition or have any special skills or abilities – just come in and hold on to the horizontal bar. Injuries are minimized as all exercises are performed without additional weights.

It’s free. For classes, use only sneakers and a comfortable tracksuit, and you can also bring gloves to secure your wrists to prevent your hands from slipping off the bar and to avoid calluses.

You can practice when it suits you: you can practice in the yard for 5 minutes even with a busy schedule.

Various exercises. The workout trains all muscle groups of the arms, legs and abs. By alternating the exercises you will find a nice relief and a robust body.

You can study with friends or find like-minded people.


The training philosophy is not about competition, but about health. But this sport has become so popular that championships and training tournaments have gradually been held in Europe, the United States and other countries. Trainers receive prestigious awards: beauty, complexity of elements, statics and dynamics are evaluated. The very first championship was held in Riga in 2011.

Type of training

There are three types of training:

  • Classic (Street Workout) – do exercises with your own weight and invent new ones.
  • Jimbar (gimbarr) in the Cuban style – complex exercises. Requires coordination, skill, good preparation.
  • Freestyle (Street Workout Freestyle) – a freestyle approach to training that allows maximum expression, similar to a freestyle program.
Type of training

Type of training

Physical activity has several benefits:

  • They often use a rubber coating which absorbs any jumps and falls.
  • The balls are designed not to cause injury during training.
  • A variety of horizontal bars, rukovodov and bars.
  • Availability of exercise benches and wall bars.
  • There are enough bars and a horizontal bar for beginners, and when the training becomes more difficult, additional bowls are necessary.

The main objectives of the training

There are many ways to divide your training into different categories. In our opinion, the following key aspects of physical activity are worth considering:

  • Aerobic training.
  • Anaerobic exercise program.
  • Combined exercise.
  • Elongation
  • Breathing exercises.

Choose the right workout types for you based on your goals.

Aerobic exercise (cardio workout)

It is physical activity that has a positive effect on health, promotes weight loss, improves the activity of the cardiovascular system, maintains a better physical condition, accelerates metabolism. Such as cardio training, running, brisk walking, cycling or cycling, swimming, sports, boxing, physical combat, skipping rope, dancing, many cardio exercises (lips, long back and forth, jumping, floating, etc.).

Anaerobic exercise (strengthening exercise)

This physical activity is designed to increase muscle mass and strength. When doing anaerobic exercise, it is worth considering a separate exercise program to increase endurance and increase muscle mass. For example, muscle building workouts include strength training, crossfit, powerlifting, powerlifting, or endurance exercises such as wrestling, barbell lifting, sprinting, cycling, and interval training.

Combined training

This type of training is most commonly used to shape a beautiful figure. For this purpose, strength training is performed with minimal weight and alternated with aerobic exercise. The most used features are modeling, training, abdominal design (accent press), abl-train- (accent legs), upper body (accent back, arms, legs), plastic band.


Exercises are often synthesized in combination with aerobic and anaerobic programs to stretch muscles, ligaments and joints. This workout should also reduce stress and pain, improve posture, normalize sleep and improve health.

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