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Game clubs, sections and even individual cars offer free promotional courses. Therefore, they advertise the subscription to the service to potential buyers. If you live in a big city, it’s easy to find free fitness deals.

Don’t expect much from the temptation to read. They usually give “everyone” a reason. The teacher is not interested in you, so this option is suitable for those who agree to work in a company or work.

There are also free gyms, multiple lessons and textbooks for the teacher.

Training history

Training is not a new sport, but actually a forgotten sport. In Soviet times, training on street sports equipment – horizontal bars, parallel bars, handrails, wall bars – was very popular with people of all ages. But in the troubled 1990s, as people’s values ​​shifted and infrastructure crumbled, street training gradually disappeared.

In the United States, on the other hand, in the early 2000s, street sports venues began to be built across the country where energetic young people trained. At the same time, the first training team in the world, Bartendaz, appeared. In 2008, training videos became popular in Russia, and mass sports again spread in our country.

Almost all famous street workouts are not gymnasts or athletes. They grew up with ordinary men and women who regularly exercised on the streets and led healthy lives. Hannibal Lanham, for example, is not an athlete, but a simple New Yorker who trained on the playground. He posted videos of his workouts and they impressed people all over the world.

Fitness professionals

Fitness is a sport accessible to all. Girls and boys, children, elderly or disabled people can do it. You don’t need to be in top physical condition or have any special skills or abilities – just come and practice. Injuries are minimized as all exercises are performed without additional weights.

It’s free. For classes, use only sneakers and a comfortable tracksuit, and you can also bring gloves to secure your wrists to prevent your hands from slipping off the bar and to avoid calluses. If you choose, you need a horizontal bar. You can practice at any time: you can practice 5 minutes at home or in the garden even if you have a busy schedule.

Fitness professionals

Fitness professionals

Various exercises. Fitness trains all muscle groups of the arms, legs and abdominal muscles. With alternating exercises, one can even find a beautiful relief and a robust body.

You can study with friends or find like-minded people.

Free outdoor gym – features and deals

Outdoor exercises are better suited for a variety of toys. These varieties are very suitable.

  • Yoga.
  • Workout.
  • Zumba.
  • Pilates.

The option must be selected at the end.


These are many exercises to train your body for flexibility and strength while breathing very carefully. The advantage of this fitness is that you do not need any equipment (other than a mat). Yoga centers offer classes in parks, squares and green spaces for those who want to promote their services.


This free gym has recently become a sport of its own. These are strength exercises with ready-to-use equipment. A special training platform is needed – built on stadiums or open spaces.


Fitness dances to music. The exercise consists of dancing with American movements. This course can be taken anywhere, so students often offer free tuition. You need to have good manners, comfortable clothes and sports shoes with you.


This is a moderate exercise designed to maintain body tone. They were originally marked for repair after injuries. Suitable for beginners and athletes before choosing a basic loading category.

You should look for information about master classes in sports bands. However, free time is rare for a reason. Suitable for free audio testing, but is “slightly limited”. You will need to exercise in the gym during the cold. Your party number and limited number will prevent you from attending on a regular basis.

Free trial sports class

Visit the gyms for recreation. The conditions are different – lessons from each group. Thus, the owner of a potential signing will be able to appreciate the adequacy of the club and the attitude of the coach.

Free trial sports class

Free trial sports class

They can participate in such events even if the gym has a good reputation. You will be able to see how much you want in this club to see where and how to return it. When participating in a free trial match at the appropriate club, please note the following:

  • Free showers and showers.
  • Selection and cleaning of play equipment.
  • Accommodation in the room.

Please note that the ad does not provide full immersion readings. Usually, the visitor is introduced to the basic equipment, sees the fitness level and demonstrates the fitness benefits of the club. Such training will not be useful if you have a lot of fun.

Free online gymnastics

A modern way to learn lessons online. There are plenty of options to choose from: yoga, training, aerobics, pilates, dancing and more. Note that there are programs that do not have special hardware. The courses are free, you can choose the time and place.

The main problem with online courses is the lack of attendance and professional guidance. This free gym is suitable

  • for those who have worked only for themselves and work everywhere.
  • those who do not have access to the gymnasium.
  • Experienced athletes who can choose what they need in training and start the transfer.
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